Engaging technology to support your teaching practice can be a challenge. As well as learning how to use ‘the tools’, deploying them effectively and for the benefit of student learning can be a real challenge.

Awarded as an assessed, Coventry University ‘Digital Badge’, Light Bites Accreditation gives the opportunity to acknowledge and share innovative practice – with a meaningful award you can add to your C.V. or Social Media profile¬†(LinkedIn etc).

Light Bites accreditation can also be used to evidence engagement to UKPSF / HEA dimensions [A1/A2/A3/A4/A5/K2/K4]. Invaluable, if you are applying for an HEA Associate, Fellow or Senior Fellowship accreditation!

To achieve Light Bites Accreditation:

  • Engage with¬†three or more Live Light Bite Sessions.
  • Experiment with ‘Light Bite Learnings’ within your teaching practice.
  • Make a Ten Minute ‘Show & Tell’, sharing your experience, at a ‘peer assessed’ Light Bites Accreditation Workshop.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email Ian Upton at

Light Bites

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