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Light Bites Live! Using ZOOM to engage your students actively!

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LIGHT BITE : Using ZOOM to Engage Your Students Actively 

Zoom is a brilliant tool for engaging your students ‘actively’ and instilling a sense of ‘community’. In this, non-technical webinar, we present a series of Zoom based activities you can experience, and use, in your own remote teaching practice.

  • “You made it feel like all the features were all really doable! Very inspiring! 
  • “Confidence building!
  • “Sharing ideas and getting the extra ideas from Ian on presentation, narrated power point, the use of answer garden, and the experience of how to use a break out room was really insightful!”
  • “Practical experience of being in a Zoom session was the most useful. Some useful thought-provoking techniques for delivery.”

Next Sessions 

25th January. 11-12.

1st February 12-1. 

8th February. 1-2.

15th February. 11-12. 

22nd February 12-1.

1st March. 1-2.

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Light Bites

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